About Relyea

I am a family friendly gamer creating evergreen tutorials & let’s play content focused on metroidvania and single player games.

I have been creating YouTube content for well over 5 years and have built a community around metroidvania games like Hollow Knight. It all started off slowly with games like Zelda Breath of the Wild, Sea of Theives and different indie games.

Really focusing on evergreen tutorials I have been able to snowball my YouTube growth and continually grow an audience. People trust what I have to say when it comes to recommending different games and products. They have seen that I don’t take sponsorships from brands or games that will not benefit them

Over the years I have been sponsored by some really awesome games and I have managed to help get many Kickstarter games backed. Be sure to check out the full media kit for more details.

Full Media Kit

What To Expect

I am on your team to help you complete your marketing goals.
Let me know what platforms you are looking to reach an audience on and what your main objectives are.

Some publishers want to get their game on as many people’s radar as possible while others are solely focused on ROI or driving Steam wishlists. Once I know what your end goal is I can help come up with a plan to execute and be sure to get you all of the data you need once the campaign is complete.

You can expect that I will be proactive with our communication, test links before videos go live and make sure everything is good to go. Some campaigns happen fast and changes may need to made immediately after a piece of content is launched. I always make myself available to make those quick changed if need be.

If you have a product that you want featured in all of my videos and streams be sure to reach out. There is no doubt that the first 30 days of a video is important. That said, working with tutorials and evergreen content has a much longer shelf life to reach your target audience.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I am in the Air Force Reserves and I fix airplanes.
  • Been deployed 7 times all over the world
  • Played water polo and was on the swim team in high school
  • Was a California state beach lifeguard for a summer
  • First job was at Lego Land California
  • Grew up playing NES- Super Mario, Tiger Hell, TNMNT
  • Owned almost every system growing up until PS3
  • Played only FPS games for about 10 years after Halo was released
  • Currently enjoying FPS games but might play some more FPS eventually
  • Got a degree in accounting but never went for a CPA license
  • I love to teach
  • All the videos and live streams are made after my kids go to bed 2-3hrs per night
  • I dream of one day making content full time

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