About Relyea

I make tutorials that are quick and to the point so you can get the most out of your game time.

What To Expect

Full time accountant by day with a wife and three kids, I understand what it is like to not have much time for gaming. The whole point of the Youtube channel and the guides on this site is to make the parts of some games less tedious. Nobody wants to get stuck in a game for several hours, lost and not know where to go. My goal is to make it so you can spend more time progressing and having fun.

I also like to stream every Tuesday at 8:30 pm pst on Youtube. This is a chance to hang out with the community on a weekly basis and just catch up. It is lighthearted, fun and I am extremely thankful for the community that has been growing over the last several years.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I am in the Air Force Reserves and I fix airplanes.
  • Been deployed 7 times all over the world
  • Played water polo and was on the swim team in high school
  • Was a California state beach lifeguard for a summer
  • First job was at Lego Land California
  • Grew up playing NES- Super Mario, Tiger Hell, TNMNT
  • Owned almost every system growing up until PS3
  • Played only FPS games for about 10 years after Halo was released
  • Currently enjoying FPS games but might play some more FPS eventually
  • Got a degree in accounting but never went for a CPA license
  • I love to teach
  • All the videos and live streams are made after my kids go to bed 2-3hrs per night
  • I dream of one day making content full time
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